Benken's Sign Company - Install & Service - has experience installing all types of signs we install for our Tyler, Texas customers! 

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is a freestanding, lighted cabinet sign (a sign in a metal structure that is typically shaped like a box) mounted on either one or two tall poles. Pylon signs rise into the air to capture attention and direct customers to a business. Benken’s can produce signs that are up to 50 feet tall.

Monument Signs

This is another type of freestanding sign that is lower to the ground and sometimes has a masonry base. Monument signs can either be lighted or non-lighted. These are commonly seen at the entry of a neighborhood or park. Benken's Sign Co of Tyler can install this type of sign in it's entirety.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are typically used over entryways of businesses in exterior locations. They are made from metal or acrylic and illuminated. (Think silver and red EXIT sign above the back door) They can be letters, numbers, logos, a custom shape, or a combination of these and other elements in a variety of sizes and lighting options. Call Benken's if you need these installed in your East Texas building.

Routed Letter Signs

Routed letters are cut into the material using special tools and supplemented with various painting techniques. These signs are non-lighted but can be made to highlight a specific logo, color, or typestyle.

Cabinet Signs

Whether mounted on the exterior of a building, used on a ground-level monument or up on a pylon, illuminated cabinet signs are an attention-getting option. Cabinet signs are often rectangular and manufactured from steel or aluminum. However, these are often customized to meet specific needs and we install them all the time.

Vacuum-Formed Sign Faces

Vacuum-formed sign faces are molded from durable acrylics or polycarbonate in forming ovens. These sign faces provide a seamless, three-dimensional surface that creates a striking impression. Vacuum-formed face signs are often combined with cabinet signs and if you need one installed, give us a call. We are located in Tyler, TX but serve a large portion of Greater East Texas.

Digital LED or EMC Signs

Digital LED signs attract attention – you can’t help but look at signs that are ever-changing. Digital signs captivate customers any time of day or night. Most LED signs are also EMCs (electronic message centers). EMCs are driven by a computer controlled by the business to provide messages that display at predetermined intervals.

Wayfinding/Directory Signs

Wayfinding signage can welcome people to a city, direct visitors to parking structures, identify landmarks or give directions to visitors. Wayfinding programs help people find their way around, in exterior and interior settings, through proper use of signage.

Wall Signs

Wall signs brand locations and make great marketing use of a blank wall or large area with lots of exposure to draw in business. If your business is in need of help when it comes time to hang a wall sign, Benken's can help so that these signs are properly reinforced and hung on a stud in the wall.

Multi-Tenant Signs

Multi-tenant signs contain multiple signage spaces for each individual tenant when officing in large facilities. These signs are free-standing, typically large and can be lighted or unlighted. If a new tenant has arrived or an old tenant has vacated, call Benken's Sign Co in Tyler, Texas for the removals and installations.

Interior Architectural Signs

Your interior architectural signage tells a story about your business and your brand. Well-designed interior architectural signs convey messages that motivate your employees and convey a welcoming feel to visitors. All these come together to tell your brand’s story.

ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires proper signage in all public spaces to be designed so that persons with sensory challenges can locate your signs and read them (visually and by touch).