A sign company with roots in Tyler, TX and experience abroad

Benken’s Sign Company is a family-owned sign company, led by a husband and wife team who have worked for 30 years in sign repair and installation. Greg and Erica Benken are Tyler, TX natives with experience in just about every aspect of professional signs.

They have worked in the sign industry in Tyler, the Dallas area and for more than eight years in Florida with Don Bell Signs, one of the preeminent sign companies in the Sunshine State. Greg worked in the Orlando division and served all sorts of businesses, including Walt Disney World, Seaworld and NASCAR.

“Florida was an interesting place to work on signs due to the explosive growth the area has experienced in so many industries,” Greg says. “If you’ve visited the big theme parks in the Orlando area, chances are that you’ve seen signs I helped install.”

Greg fondly remembers his experiences working with the Disney Imagineers. “I’ve never seen a group of people more passionate about their work. Their attention to detail is something I greatly respect and try to bring to my craft.”

A guide you can trust to find the right sign

Over his years in the business, Greg has learned about priorities and what really matters to creating effective signs. “Above all, I am honest,” he says, adding “I’d rather tell a customer ‘no’ instead of doing something that I know won’t get them the results they need.”

Greg serves as a guide for his clients. “You can envision a sign in your mind or look at a sign design on a piece of paper, but things can look very different when the sign becomes a reality. My job is to help my customers understand what a sign will look like 50 feet up in the air or on the side of a building. My goal is to make sure they are satisfied with the finished product.”

Signs are important to business success

He understands that, while he wants sign produced by Benken’s to look attractive, they also must do their jobs with clarity. He knows how to help you make the right impression and to help customers find your location.

Greg understands that signs are one of the most important ways a busines brands itself: “At Benken’s we make sure the quality of your sign reflects the quality of the service being offered by the business.”

Greg also is an expert in all the legalities of the sign business. He will research easements, zoning regulations and other regulatory requirements to ensure that your signs will be constructed correctly and according to code.”

Benken’s Signs also places high importance on safety. “My shops have had stellar safety records, and that makes me proud,” Greg says. “I want my folks to be able to go home to their families without any type of injury on the job.”

Benken’s: Where signage is a family affair

Greg’s wife, Erica, runs the office and is herself a signage expert with many years of experience in the industry. “We love working with customers and helping them brand their business with signs. We take pride in what we do, and we want nothing other than to help our clients succeed.”

Erica says their son Trevor works along side Greg. And, with their grandchildern are also fascinated by the big installation trucks, it seems that signs will part of the Benken’s legacy for years to come.

“All our family is here in East Texas,” Erica says. “We love this community and the friendly culture of the people here.”

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