Sign installation and compliance

Tyler, Texas


At Benken's of Tyler, we are sign experts and always ensure signs are carefully and properly installed. A commercial sign is a big financial investment so we take extra precaution when installing signs on buildings, poles or elswhere. Our goal is to get your sign properly installed and lighted so that people can see your message. 


Signs are a highly regulated form of communication. Federal, state and city codes must be considered before installation. We understand that sometimes signs have to comply with city or building codes and that's alright. We will review the necessary filings for permits and regulatory paperwork to make sure the sign we instal complies with the zoning rules. 


Comprehensive sign surveys are done to identify all branded signs with an inventory that includes photographs, measurements and other descriptive information. Sign surveys are critical to understanding sign conditions, safety issues, materials needing repairs, illumination, dimensions, accessibility, electrical needs and regulatory requirements.

Benken’s offers sign intallation you can trust. We’ll assess your business' sign situation and identify ways to improve your image! We serve Tyler, TX and the greater East Texas area.