Your company's sign is one of the best ways for your business to get noticed by customers. Don't trust just any sign company.

Benken’s Sign Co. in Tyler, TX is a professional installation and sign repair company with plenty of experience. We’ve been providing high quality service to businesses across the US and East Texas for 27 years.

Sign Removal, Retrofits, and rebranding

Tyler, Texas

Sign Removal

When a sign has reached the end of its life or a company is no longer in business, we can remove that sign and dispose of it. Maybe your commercial sign is old and needs to be modernized. Call Benken's Sign Company to help with the process. We have been installing signs for 27 years!

LED Retrofit

Converting an outdoor sign's lighting to LED bulbs is a wise investment. We can retrofit signs with all types of old bulbs from halogen, fluorescent, or neons. LED light bulbs last much longer and are energy efficient to help save on the cost of electricity. LEDs are also cool to the touch, which aids in the sign's lifespan.

Business Rebranding

In today’s fast-paced world, many businesses are partnering with each other. Names often change as smaller companies join with larger organizations. These merges create the need for successful rebranding campaigns and signs are the biggest way companies inform the public. Benken’s Sign Co. of Tyler, TX is ready to help businesses make that change and rebrand by installing new signage. We will comply with corporate standards and serve more than just the Tyler, TX area.

Looking for a professional sign company to service the signs on your property? Call Benken's of Tyler today: (903) 343-0058