A commercial sign is one of the best ways for your business to get noticed by passers by. You shouldn’t trust just any sign company to repair it.

Sign service and maintenance in East Texas

Tyler, Texas


We respond quickly to sign maintenance and repair requests. Our repair and maintenance techs are equipped with plenty of replacement supplies and lights so that we can usually complete your repairs with a single trip. This provides fast restoration of your business' sign at a reasonable cost.

When your business needs a sign repaired in Tyler, TX or the surrounding area, Benken’s Sign Company is a team you can trust.


Neon signs are very common and provide vintage character that captures customers attention. Benken’s Sign Company in Tyler is experienced in neon sign repair so don't let that flickering neon bother you. Just call us and we'll get to your East Texas location asap. 


Flying an American or Texa flag sends a signal to the public that you are proud of your county, your state, or your business itself, but flag poles often need maintenance. We can keep your flagpole looking great to illustrate how much you truly care about what the flag symbolizes to your organization. We can repair or replace the pully system, rope or make repairs to the metal pole itself.


Commercial parking lots are an important part of the customer experience and their safety. Keep your parking lot well-lit at all times and if you happen to have a bulb burn out or need other rapairs done to your lights or poles, we want to be the first place you call. Your customers count on safety and security so let us replace your parking lot light bulbs and ensure they are well-maintained.